Twenty Sixteen

1 Nov

Oh hey, this still exists. I mean, I have made sure that it would continue to exist, but still surprised it is here because it’s been a little while since I bothered with it. And honestly I am only bothering … Read More »

I wrote a thing!

25 Sep

Was doing a writing prompt with the child after dinner, our prompt was about the discovery of the Pacific Ocean so we decided to just write about the ocean in general. While the child’s turned out funny (“The ocean is … Read More »

Some thoughts

13 Sep

I have struggled since the inception of this blog to figure out what the hell I am going to say on it. I felt (feel?) like I was hastily rushed into it with little planning or general forethought; this isn’t … Read More »

2nd Quarter Results

22 Jul

First, the easy part: 2nd quarter results for this year. What did the second 3 months of my serious attempt at writing bring me? Less than I had hoped. I have still written some every month, even if just journals. … Read More »