[Fluff] Randomosity

3 Feb

This is a blog post. This is a blog post where I have no clue what to write about. Hence, it is a blog post like every other blog post I start on this blog. Blog of posts. Blog of blog posts even.

I had a great idea for a blog post in the shower before I sat down to write this. Naturally, I have since forgotten it. So, while I have nothing that seems important to talk about, I will not allow myself to miss a day. If you don’t want to hear random crap about my week, leave now or forever be bored to death.

My birthday is a month or two away at this point but I have made my unreasonable, completely impossible request for the year: I want to be John Scalzi for my birthday. No, not the hairy man body or anything. I just want the ability to manage a blog and write about, well, whatever. While I have found him (refound him?) recently, and have not picked up any of his books to read, I have enjoyed reading through his blog posts. His frankness and his take on the world is refreshing. His voice and attitude and general quirkiness shine through admirably. I want to be able to let myself go enough to do that here. But I am a socially inept psychopath who worries too much about everything — except the things I should worry about which seem like no big deal — so have major issues thinking anyone would be interesting in my rantings of more or less nothingness. Like this post.

Yet, I know it happens. Scalzi did it, awesomely. And thousands of people do it not so awesomely as well. People still flock to read their blogs. Maybe it is some roll of the dice, divine intervention of the internet gods. Maybe it is that they have blue on their blog layout instead of red. Maybe just the right person saw the blog at the right time and happened to share it with friends, but if they had read the blog just a day before they would not have been interested at all. I am definitely not out here to get attention, but I am not out here to hide away either, I could just keep a journal for that. I am not worried about making it big on the interwebs or having massive comment conversations. I am here to practice my writing and find my voice. Feedback does help some though. I know what I want to sound like; I want to sound like how I do when messing around with friends. I want to be carefree and let random ideas flow from my fingertips to the blank screen; both in my blog and in my writing. (Fuck, just remembered my idea from the shower *creates a new post to work on later when I can’t think of anything*) If I could manage the voice I have with my friends here, I would be making a post about rituals to use to become like Scalzi — though it would be redundant at that point, if I could write like Scalzi I would be making a blog post on how to write like Scalzi but I wouldn’t need to write like Scalzi anymore, but…

Anyways. Something about people read weird shit and maybe someday people will come read my weird shit and I will be able to write the weird shit that actually goes on in my head without the internal filter killing it before it hits the screen. End rant.

That was meant to be a paragraph, I was going to talk about other things, then I got of got stuck on one topic and kept with it. Let me reiterate my previous posts about just sitting down and writing and eventually you will end up with stuff on the page even if you didn’t intend it all to be there.