[Links] Braaaaiiiiinnnsss

6 Feb

So I made the mistake of doubling my cardio workout on a day that I only got 2 hours sleep. My brain is mush. Luckily for me, it is linky day! And apparently ! day!

Locus 2013 — Recommended reading list for the year, yay books!

Verified Facts — Random conspiracy generator, refresh for more. Complete with illogical arguments that have nothing to do with the topic!

Libraries are Forever — How books are not going away, even among e-reader owners. Lots of numbers with nifty graphs. Did I mention brain dead tonight? Words escape me!

Pretty Moldy Bread — Pretty moldy bread and pretty, moldy bread. Grammar makes a difference, but both are accurate!

Spider-man vs Science — That white, sticky stuff Peter Parker is shooting out of his wrist? Um. Yeah. What spider-man’s power really is!

Mosquito genocide — Bug killing tool used by scientists!

  • Verified Facts made me laugh so hard.