[WIP] Blog is just sick

15 Feb

Yay new category! I get thoroughly too excited over this.

In other news, still sick. Missed last nights blog post for today and finally had a moment when I was remembering that to sit down and write. Except that I have thought all day and don’t know what to write, so you get a treat. A snippet from my current, untitled, work in progress (that’s WIP because people are lazy and make acronyms for everything they can). Enjoys! And tell me how awesome it is! Or crappy! Or awesomely crappy!


“Step it up boys!”

Jason trudged alongside the caravan. It was wet, his shoes were wet, his hair was wet. How could he step it up when the clouds were pissing on everything in sight.

“We need to be in Waterbend in a week, at this pace we won’t make it in a month.”Jason glanced over at Harland, he was just as wet but somehow had the energy to keep himself and everyone else moving. There was no getting around it, he would be wet until Harland decided otherwise.

If there were a bright side, and there probably wasn’t, the rain kept the bandits away. Unfortunately it seemed to bring out more kobolds. There were scouts both ahead and behind the caravan to ensure what warning could be had. In this muck, Jason figured they couldn’t see much farther than swords length. They were a comfort anyways, at least if something bigger attacked he’d hear the crunching of bones before he became a toothpick himself.