[Links] Link day goes back to work

7 Mar

Plus side to not writing for a while, I have more links to bore you all with! Well, probably not, been lax on reading as well as writing. Yay for a post anyways!

Post on OCD and writing — Ran into this blog post randomly one day, I am surprised I did not write similar yet. It is very difficult to work on things when you need them a certain way to work. I feel her pain about the same color ink, rewriting things that are messy or don’t match. Sometimes it feels like an avoidance time waster, other times I really can’t go on if things are not how they “should be”. I agree that writing without an outline is sometimes cathartic, helping me unwind. But I have thought for a while that outlining may help me write way better, giving me structure to build my emotional release around. Regardless, well written post.

Crows play on car — This made me smile when I found it. Nice little moment of peace, and snow.

The Slang Dictionary from 1874 — A look into how a words meaning changes throughout history. Also, a great reason to digitize older books making them available for all generations to read.

Depression Quest — It’s an interactive text based game (lots of reading and multiple choice) that is altogether too familiar for me and I am sure tons of other people. It’s an interesting way to bring awareness though. Warning, is very depressing.

In Which I Deny My Son An Xbox — An author talks about the ideals of Consumption vs Creation, in a nutshell. Having grown up with games, but still enjoyed creating things, I run into this problem a lot with 3 (step)kids. While I do not mind that they play games and expose themselves to things, I do wish I could explain to them how important creating things in the real world is. But they’re too busy playing the computer.

Adorable frog — To end the day: Squeee!! So cute and adorable!

  • Hey I told you about Depression Quest! =p

    • This is probably true. I had it tabbed for a while before I actually got around to playing it. 🙂