[Writing] Coffee of doom

8 Mar

No relation to Questionable Content, but damn that is what I would have named my business if I opened a coffee shop.

I meant to get my blog post done yesterday, but got distracted with actual work. With the general inability to focus at home yesterday, me and the child went out to lunch and then sat working on our separate assignments over tea and tastiness at Starbucks. It was nice to relax and get out of the house. It was also very helpful in getting work done for us both; even the child noticed he could focus better not at home, which I generally attributed to brain associations with environment.

But the real point of this post is that I got work done. It was mostly brainstorming stuff, word associations, idea generation, boringness. But hey, work done! And I have stuff to pull ideas from for a story, I hope. My major problem is I still don’t know how to translate ideas into stories or even outlines. I always get stuck at people. Maybe its my insane anxiety and antisocial tendencies  but when the story gets to the point of having people, I feel like I am swimming through a treacle lake to get anything done. I wonder if you would float on treacle. Could I make a boat of scones and float across to make my writing easier? Have I been exposed to too much UK and Australian influences to think of saying treacle rather than molasses? Should I turn swimming across a treacle lake into a story.

I digress. People are hard for me. If I write a story about anthropomorphic rocks I do great. But I cannot even translate that back into people. Turn them into a person, even with all the same lines and everything, and it breaks for me. It seems flawed. Like rocks and animals and other things can be however I want them to be, it won’t matter. But people, people have to be a certain way. I am not sure if my OCD organization extends to people which is why I am antisocial, or if I am antisocial because people are so peopley so I try and organize them to deal better. Either way, it is hampering my fiction.

Not sure how to fix it though… Lots of pencil to paper and practice, practice, practice I suspect. Or a scone boat.

  • I’ll take one for the team. blame me, I’m Australian

    • Yes, but I don’t think we’ve talked about treacle before. I am pretty sure it’s a by product of having Pratchett and Fforde as my favorite authors.

      • Amj1

        What?!  No PG Wodehouse?  Check your local library 🙂