[Fluff] Bangs head on desk

18 Mar

I should really rename the [Fluff] category to [Too fucking hard on myself]. I have missed tons of posts again, mostly because I sit around not wanting to write about how I’m not writing again. So, of course, I finally sit down to write and complain about how I’m not writing again.

Plus side, I am reading more. Besides my random library grabs, I did pick up a P.G. Wodehouse collection on my kindle, thanks to my awesome mothers suggestion, so will be working through that this week. Have also acquired found someone to share books with back and forth, so I look forward to what that exposes me to, as well as revisiting old favorites. Unfortunately my normally calm weekend was punctuated with a very long birthday sleepover for the kid which resulted in too little sleep and too many distractions to get anything done.

My current goals for the week are to write. Write. Write. I know, I go through this every week, but it needs to be done. Reading is important, it helps me learn craft and flow better, but without writing it doesn’t do me much good. Any writing would do, even my personal journal, which I also neglect often. I have no time excuses, homeschooling the kid gives me great quiet time to work on things. I also know that writing every day, without worrying about inspiration, will help my writing overall. The trick is forcing myself to do it. I have magically ended up with a great support system, unfortunately I am also great at fighting back against others when they try and help. It has to come from me and even though I want to write, I can’t find a way to translate that to actually doing it. Unfortunately drive does not equal results in my world and never has.

But in the end, I have written a blog post for today, even if its ranting at myself again. May not be interesting for anyone else to read, but it’s writing and it does help me put things in perspective sometimes.