[Fluff] Middle of nowhere

21 Mar

The middle of nowhere is really where I feel my writing is right now. I am getting some stuff done, not as much as I’d like, but more than I give myself credit for most of the time. Need to read more. Need to write more. Need to be more me and less everyone else.

With the kid being homeschooled, sometimes we get out of the house for lunch and a trip someplace else to work and focus a bit better. Except Starbucks was punctuated by loud annoying women complaining about their mothers so we grabbed our drinks and ditched work for a random drive to explore.

I love to explore, the kid is less fond of the it but he suffered well enough. Ended up in the middle of nowhere, upon the child’s suggestion we played the “lets drive straight” game. We drove straight as far as time would let us, then turning around decided to randomly hop out and take pictures of a partially snow covered field which led us to taking pictures of a stream that ran through it, previously unnoticed. It’s nice to stop long enough to see small beauties in the world. And depressing that I don’t more often.

On the way back we also grabbed pictures of Pewaukee lake, which was completely frozen over still. Reminded me of the small town in American Gods (Neil Gaiman). Half expected to see an old car out on the ice. Really itching to read it again now but afraid of the time spent not reading other things. In the end, anything is better than nothing. In ways, I am happy I read American Gods when I did though. Living in the Midwest has given me a different perspective on it than if I had read it while in Washington.

I the end, I didn’t get the work done that I meant to today, but I was creative. I did spend the time to stop and see things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m still in the middle of nowhere, but if I keep going straight I will hit somewhere worth being.