[Links] Internet hermit comes down from the mountain

23 Jan

For my first week of link regurgitation, — and don’t worry it will be weekly, who has the time to sift through a million websites a day — there isn’t much. I was very active on the internet and on budding social media back in the dark ages of the mid 90’s. I remember when Trillian came out, then fairly recently my friends are all telling me to try it. In other news, I am apparently old. But I got bored of the internet quickly and have missed much of the last 15 or so years of this cultural phenomenon. I still carry a lot of… disdain maybe?… for many internet trends (cats, really?), so I assure you that what I find is genuinely awesome to me in some way, and while it may be old news its quite fresh and newly found in my world.

So, without further adieu: link regurgitation for the week. Okay, maybe regurgitation isn’t the most appealing of words, but it’s so fitting!

Bookshelf Porn — It made me wet. God, all those books are delectable.

Why the moon landing wasn’t faked — I am not in one camp or the other on the validity of the first moon landing, but this is pretty interesting. His stance is that regardless if we had the tech to go to the moon or not, we didn’t have the tech to fake it, which is quite plausible. What many people seem to forget today is that just because we didn’t have main stream computers and cellphones and such, we must not have had the raw science. He also has a satirical personality about him that is awesome to listen to.

Drown, by Tora Fisher — Not only an awesome song and music video, but I love the idea of building it out of Craigslist things and sinking it in a swimming pool. Something about being creative and not relying on massive studio budgets is nice.

Smash TV presents Memorex — I admit, I didn’t watch the whole thing. I skimmed and smiled and laughed, and I suggest you do the same. 80’s video cassettes are something special to me because it’s something I shared with my grandma (Baba) and vividly remember her recording movies, TV and Saturday morning cartoons for me and everyone else to watch when they visited. I could still quote some commercials that happened to get recorded on my favorite tapes.


  • Interesting, very interesting that first, second and third link. to each their own on the whole moon landing thing, but what is real for sure is that a nation dedicated 10 years of time and money to put a man on the moon =)

    • Yea, in the end it doesn’t matter whether we did it then or some other time. It was iconic for the nation and the science put into trying or succeeding is invaluable.