[Quote] Where I needed to be

28 Jan

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. ~Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

And we’re back to Tuesday. Quote day. Had a quote all week in my head, then saw this one and decided it was better to write about.

Writing is definitely not where I intended to be,or is the middle of the Midwest during winter, but here I am. I have been writing stories since high school at least, poetry since middle school. But my dream was always to be PhD scientist, astrophysicist, quantum mechanical muckity muck. Not quite sure where that went, still want to get there, but writing seems like something much more tangible. About the same amount of work though. Sometimes that really bogs me down in my writing. But its something I can do without special tools, or sitting around waiting for grants, loans, scholarships, classes to start, colleges to accept me. Writing is something that is always there. It’s like when people talk about exercise, you don’t need a fancy gym, just get up and walk. Writing is my walking.

And while it is not where I was looking to go, it is where I need to be now. It’s something I can’t make excuses about, something that stares me in the face. Writing is getting it done now, even if only a few hundred words. It’s making a blog, working on critiques, reading more; it is feeling like something is getting done. Definitely a welcome sight from years of feeling stuck.

So while it is hard work, and sometimes difficult to get going every day, I am thankful I am where I need to be. I can see the good it is doing me and it is hard to complain too much. I’ll be the scientist I want to be someday, but I will get there by writing my way through it all.